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Xinyi Cindy Yu, CPA, CFP, MBA, MS, has more than twenty years’ experience in education, corporate and personal finances, and a passion for parenting and financial education for families.

With a career path that includes high-level management positions at American Express and Citigroup, she is a certified public accountant and financial services industry veteran who has served thousands of individual and business clients worldwide. She’s the adjunct professor, a faculty member with Fairleigh Dickson University. In 2002, she co-founded Parents & Children Education Club in New Jersey and been an active member of the board.

Hong Zhang, PhD, is a tenured associate professor at Rowan University in New Jersey with fifteen years of experience teaching and guiding younger generations. He is also committed to promoting STEM and cultural education to children in his community. He is the cofounder and president of Institute of Financial Intelligence, a non-profit organization promoting systematic education for financial literacy and good judgement.